Our Mission

Welcome to Essential Escape. For us this is more than a business, we designed this as a much needed sanctuary where you can come to evade your everyday stresses and ease your pains. We have carefully created an environment centered around relaxation. As therapists we are committed to your personal care and well being. We pride ourselves as being some of the best this city has to offer. We use massage as a tool to release toxins from the body, promote relaxation, treat injuries, and offer better overall health for our clients. Massage has been used for thousands of years and is a medically proven process to help the body heal itself and recover from illness and injuries. We design every service to meet our guest's health and wellness needs, because we realize that everybody responds differently to a massage. You will leave our escape replenished, feeling like a new person. Wellness is Essential.

Our Team

Deanna | Co-Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist 

Deanna is a graduate from Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage. She has certifications in hot stone massage and CPR as well as training in deep tissue massage, stretching, and reiki. Deanna is very intuitive in the healing process with strong hands and an adept understanding of the physiology of our bodies. Her strong and talented hands make for a must have massage experience. A dedicated therapist putting the client first, her goal is for her client to leave feeling twice as good as when they arrived. Deanna excels in this field because she loves what she does. She will take your everyday stress and ease the muscle tension to give you a better quality of life which she finds to be a truly rewarding experience. In her time away from massage Deanna loves to spend time with her family and friends, hiking and spending time around nature, and sitting down with a good book.

Lindsey | Co-Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist

Lindsey is a graduate from Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage. She has certifications in hot stone massage, CPR, prenatal massage and advanced training in active isolated stretching. Lindsey has spent the last 7 years in home health care because she truly enjoys helping others. Lindsey leans more to the therapeutic side of massage therapy and deep tissue massage. Using techniques like myofascial release, and trigger point therapy she is able to release knots and prevent them from returning as quick as usual. The idea of healing people with her hands and sharing that experience with others is what brought her into this career. As a former collegiate athlete she knows from personal experience the amount of physical and mental stress we can put on our bodies. Early on she learned that in order for the body to play hard you also need to have a plan for recovery. In her off time Lindsey enjoys woodworking, road trips, being outside and around the water. She loves to be around sports and her favorite sports to participate in are basketball, tennis, and cycling.

Yara | Licensed Massage Therapist

Yara (pronounced Jah-da) is a graduate from Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage. She has been a massage therapist for over four years. Her specialties are deep tissue and therapeutic massage, as well as cupping therapy and cervical release technique. Your stress and tension will melt away in her hands. She gives one of the best deep tissue massages around. She will quickly find your troubled areas and offer immediate relief. We are truly lucky to have her and cannot wait for our clients to experience what she has to offer. In relation to your wellness and massage Yara believes it's essential to give your body and mind a break from the stress and aches of everyday life. Regular therapeutic massage is a wonderful way to do that. She wants to help improve your health, your mood, and your life. In her off time Yara loves to travel near the ocean, cook, and spend time with her family.