Services Offered/Pricing

Swedish/Relaxation Massage

Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage. Swedish massage manipulates the superficial layers of the muscles to improve mental and physical health. Active or passive movement of the joints may also be part of the massage. The main goal of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. Swedish massage is beneficial for increasing oxygen levels in the blood, lowering muscle toxins, improving circulation, flexibility, and easing tension. 30 minutes 50 60 minutes 70 90 minutes 100 120 minutes 140

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is designed penetrate the muscles underneath the most superficial muscles in our bodies. The deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. The fascia is the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints. Deep tissue massage has several therapeutic effects and can be used to treat many different conditions. This type of massage is ideal for the treatment of major muscle groups. It can also be used to relieve strain and treat injuries in your joints and tendons. 45 minutes 70 60 minutes 80 90 minutes 110 120 minutes 150

Rapid Release w/ Theragun

This hand held percussion device uses percussion technology to relieve muscle tension in targeted areas.It increases blood flow, reduces lactic acid buildup, breaks up scar tissue, accelerates warm up and recover, and improves range of motion. 15 minutes 20
30 minutes 40

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is designed with a specific health plan in mind. Do you suffer from chronic neck and upper back pain, have knots that just won’t go away, pain in your hips or lower back, or have past injuries that still give you trouble? This type of massage is not a full body massage it is designed around your problem areas. At your first visit the therapist will assess your range of motion, feel for muscle inconsistencies, and take a look at your history to develop a plan of action. Most therapeutic massage clients will need to return for a series of massages to be the most beneficial. 30 minutes 55 45 minutes 70 60 minutes 80 90 minutes 110 120 minutes 150

Sports Massage

A sports massage is a combination of several massage techniques that are tailored to your affected muscle groups based on the activities that you do. Sports massage can decrease recovery time between workouts and events, decrease the chance of injury, increase elimination of exercise waste products (lactic acid) and increase blood flow. Sports massage can be used pre-performance, post-performance, during training, or for rehabilitation. Elite athletes to recreational exercisers can benefit from a sports massage. 45 minutes 70 60 minutes 80 90 minutes 110 120 minutes 150

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a therapeutic massage designed to focus on the special needs of a mother to be as her body changes during pregnancy. This massage is skillfully performed with very peaceful, flowing movements.The movement of our prenatal massage helps revitalize, heal and relax both your mind and body. It also helps reduce swelling, relieve aches and pains,and provide emotional release during pregnancy. Just what every new mother needs. We offer prenatal massage during the 2nd and 3rd trimester only. 45 minutes 65 60 minutes 75 90 minutes 105

Stretching Therapy

Muscle injuries are more common today than they were in the past because most of our lives are more sedentary than they were 30 years ago. One of the best ways to reduce the damage that inactivity does to our bodies is to stretch it out. Without flexibility and a good range of motion muscles can spasm or shut down from lack of blood flow. Stretching will get the blood flowing to and from the muscles in need. We use a combination of Thai massage stretching and active isolated stretching. Active isolated stretching is designed to target a specific muscle each stretch and is the best for improving flexibility and injury prevention. 30 minutes 40 45 minutes 55 75 minutes 85

Four Handed massage

With two therapists and four hands to massage your body, your mind reacts differently. At first you might find yourself trying to keep track of the therapists, where each one is and what each one is doing; very quickly your brain realizes it’s not sure who is doing what, and gives up control. This is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go during treatments. Swedish  60 minutes 150 90 minutes 210 Deep Tissue 60 minutes 170 90 minutes 230

Couples massage

An experience for a pair that wants to share in the benefit of massage with someone else. To know a person you care for is receiving the same stress reducing and muscle relaxing experience as you will give extra relaxation to your session. Swedish 60 minutes 140 90 minutes 200 120 minutes 280 DeepTissue 60 minutes 160 90 minutes 220 120 minutes 300

Foot Massage w/scrub

You have had a long day and nothing sounds more appealing than relaxing your feet. Come in for an exfoliating sugar scrub followed by a relaxing foot massage. Just close your eyes and let go of your day. 30 Minutes 40
45 Minutes 55


Cupping is an alternative therapy that originated in China. It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. The suction facilitates healing with blood flow. The suction helps facilitate the flow of Qi (life force) in the body. Cupping increases blood circulation to the area where the cups are placed. This relieves muscle tension, promotes cell repair, opens the lymphatic system pathways to allow for improved drainage, and reduces inflammation. The desired pressure is versatile and can range from light to deep. 30 Minutes 55
45 Minutes 70
60 Minutes 80

Infrared Sauna

There’s nothing quite like a sweat session in a sauna. You feel more relaxed and rested after you’re done, and the heat helps relieve sore muscles and improves your overall health and well-being. Infrared saunas may offer the benefits of a sauna without the extreme heat. Here is a list of the benefits of using an infrared sauna.

Better sleep
Weight loss
Relief from sore muscles
Relief from joint pain such as arthritis
Clear and tighter skin
Improved circulation

15 Minutes 20
30 Minutes 30
60 Minutes 50

Couples Infrared Sauna

15 Minutes 30
30 Minutes 45
60 Minutes 80


Foot scrub + 10 Anti-aging Face massage + 10 Hot stones + 15 (60 minutes) Hot stones + 25 (90 Minutes) Biofreeze Muscle Therapy + 10 CBD Revolutionary Pain Relief + 20 Theragun + 15

Add-ons with 20 additional minutes

Scalp Massage + 25
Facial Massage + 25
Foot Massage + 25
Cupping + 40
Stretching Therapy + 25
Theragun + 25

All add-ons can be added at the time of service
or noted in comments section during booking